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Tuesday 24 April 2018

Honest thief tries to return stolen bike to its owner

Break the cycle: leaflets of apology circulated at NUI
Break the cycle: leaflets of apology circulated at NUI
Caroline Crawford

Caroline Crawford

HE MIGHT just be the most honest thief in the country. A young man who stole a bike from a university campus has discovered that a life of crime doesn't sit easy with him.

The bike thief, going under the name Sean Connery, has posted up dozens of leaflets looking for the rightful owner of his ill-gotten gains.

In his confession, which has been passed around by NUI Galway students, the young man admits to getting "far too drunk" before stealing a bike from outside the gym on the campus.

Describing his actions as an "act of drunken scumbaggery", the man has tried to find the owner, through leaflets and on social media.

His attempts have garnered huge interest among students who have re-posted his messages and uploaded snaps of his leaflet confessions.

In a post on the NUIG Memes Facebook page, the thief insisted his posters were genuine but admitted he had set up a fake profile to protect his identity.

"So got far too drunk and stole a bike from outside the Kingfisher, anyway I would very much like to make up for this act of drunken scumbaggery by reuniting the stolen bike with it's (sic) rightful owner. So if you had your bike stolen from outside the kingfisher on Weds night/Thursday morning please message me," he wrote.

Paul Curley, head of the students' union at NUI, Galway said they understood the thief was not a student at the college.

"We don't think it's a student. All the students have been off the campus for about three weeks now. We start earlier in the year and have our exams earlier than some other universities.

"As far as we're aware this was a local guy who picked up the bike. A lot of people go through the college grounds as a shortcut to get home after a night out," he said.

While Mr Curley admitted that while stolen bikes was a long-standing problem on all university campuses, he said this was the first time they had heard of a thief's attempts to right the wrong. "We hadn't heard if he was able to re-unite the bike with its owner," he added.

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