Monday 18 December 2017

'Honest' thief gives back bike to rightful owner

Break the cycle: leaflets of apology that circulated NUI
Break the cycle: leaflets of apology that circulated NUI
Caroline Crawford

Caroline Crawford

A BIKE thief who hit the headlines after attempting to correct his drunken behaviour has reunited his ill-gotten gains with the rightful owner.

The young Galway student was inundated with messages after he placed notices around the NUI Galway campus, admitting to an "an act of drunken scumbaggery".

His messages were also seen by the bike's owner who was more than relieved to have his possession returned to him.

In his confession, which he posted around the campus and online, the young man admitted to getting "far too drunk" before stealing a bike from outside the Kingfisher gym on the campus.

"I was amazed by the response, I didn't think I'd even find the owner but when someone put the picture of my flier up on Facebook the whole thing went viral.

"All of the responses have been positive though, seeing as I made the effort and found the rightful owner," explained the thief, who went by the moniker Sean Connery to protect his identity.


"There were some people trying to get a free bike that obviously weren't the right owner but I got a response on Facebook from the owner who described his bike and the location accurately, so I knew it was him," he added.

While the student may have been honest enough to return the bike he wasn't brave enough to do it face to face.

"I left it in the NUIG security office and he collected it from there, I didn't fancy meeting him face to face, obviously enough," he explained.

The rightful owner praised the thief in a thank-you message, saying: "You're a good man for doing this. Not many lads would. Thanks again."

The thief admitted he has learned his lesson, adding: "I learned that Buckfast is a hell of a drink and that you're better off doing the right thing and righting your wrongs," he joked.

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