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Honest Northsiders are more likely to give you your lost wallet back


NORTHSIDE Dubliners are more honest than their Southside cousins.

If you're hoping to have a lost wallet returned, it's best if you dropped it in Raheny rather than Rathgar.

But on the whole, Dubliners have proved to be an honest bunch.

A total of 70pc of people inadvertently taking part in a recent wallet-drop experiment returned the item.

The covert survey was undertaken for TV3's Midweek programme, with the results due to air tonight.

Of those who returned the dropped wallets, 20pc removed the cash first.

A total of 10 wallets were dropped in various locations around the capital in an effort to find the most honest neighbourhood.

Five wallets were dropped on Dublin's Southside and five on the Northside.

The brown leather wallets were identical, with business cards, a family picture, various loyalty cards, receipts, vouchers and euro notes.

The locations in the Southside were Rathgar, Ballsbridge, Crumlin, Ballyfermot and Grafton Street.

On the Northside, wallets were dropped in Cabra, Raheny, Finglas, Glasnevin and Henry Street.


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Overall, TV3's small scale experiment showed that Northsiders were more honest than Southsiders.

The wallets dropped in Rathgar and Crumlin were not returned, while the wallet dropped in Grafton Street was returned with the cards intact but the cash missing.

In contrast, only the wallet dropped in Cabra on the Northside was not returned, though the one returned in Finglas also came back with the cash missing.

"It was interesting to run the experiment and find out just how honest people would be," reporter Michael Ryan said.

"Thankfully, my faith in humanity hasn't been completely destroyed, and I think 70pc proves that we're not a totally dishonest bunch.

"Most Dubliners, both Northside and Southside, I'm glad to say, would rather do a good deed than earn a quick buck.

"Though saying that, if the experiment was carried out on a larger scale the results could be very different."

The wallet drop experiment will air on Midweek today at 10pm on TV3.

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