Friday 20 April 2018

Homelessness is our scourge, says Mundy ahead of charity gig

Singer Mundy Photo: Steve Humphreys
Singer Mundy Photo: Steve Humphreys

Daire Whelan

'This Ireland of ours has too long been half-free/But lately we're colonised by the high street. And our sleeping bag children shake in the lane/ Have you any spare change for the Patriots Game?'

Maybe it's because he's nearly 40, has a mortgage and two young kids, but for Mundy Ireland is a tougher place than it used to be.

"In 2016, we should absolutely be celebrating the people who died for our country in 1916 but, sadly, the people who run the country and ruined it 100 years later have all gone to ground and aren't held responsible for the problems many people are in...

"We've nothing to be celebrating 100 years on from the Rising," he says.

It's a country where he sees emigration, addiction and homelessness as our nation's biggest scourges and that's why he is performing in the 'Rock Against Homelessness' concert at the Olympia in aid of Focus Ireland.

He has also been instrumental in helping with the production of an accompanying 'Rising Against Homelessness' charity CD. Mundy's song is a reworked version of Dominic Behan's 'The Patriot Game'. "It's one of my favourite Dubliners songs. But I also feel sad that I have to be honest about the reality of things for people," he says.

Mundy's latest self-titled album has just been released.

"You only put your name to it if you feel it's one of your best works - and I do," he says.

It is 20 years after the success of his debut 'Jellylegs'. There's been a lot of water under the bridge for Mundy and his fans.

"What I've noticed now is that half of them are now either in the States, Australia, and Dubai, or the other half are way out in the suburbs and are commuters," he says.

"Growing up is no easy task and everyone has to stay young at heart and carefree, but the Ireland we live in right now is a very hard place to flourish."

INM presents 'Rock Against Homelessness', which features Camille O'Sullivan, Hamsandwich, The Strypes, Something Happens, Le Galaxie, The Stunning, Mundy and more, as part of the One for Ireland campaign for youth homelessness.

It takes place on Sunday April 24, at the Olympia Theatre, Dublin. Tickets €25 on and outlets nationwide. Mundy's latest album 'Mundy' is out now.

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