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Homeless men living in toilet given a new home

TWO homeless men who were living in two public toilets have now secured temporary emergency accommodation.

Polish man Peter Baram (35) said he and his friend, Josef Pavelka, "are happy to be in Galway". Speaking after their first night in the accommodation, Mr Baram said: "We had warm blankets. We can watch TV and make coffee." He said that he is "glad" not to be sleeping on the hard floor of the public toilet in Ennis anymore.

Their plight emerged at Ennis District Court last week as Czech national Mr Pavelka (52) was appearing on public order charges. District court judge Patrick Durcan said that it was a scandal that Mr Pavelka was sleeping in a toilet.

Mr Baram was staying in a 'superloo' in Ennis's Market Street while Mr Pavelka was sleeping in a council 'superloo' in the Abbey Street car park.

The two men are alcoholics and cannot receive any social welfare benefits as they do not have habitual residency.

The men were moved to Galway following a case conference on Friday that involved the local St Vincent de Paul, the Probation Service and others.

Irish Independent