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Hole 'the size of a fridge' found in rail bridge on busy line

A HOLE the "size of a fridge" was discovered in a bridge that carries Ireland's busiest rail line, writes Cian Ginty.

The Railway Safety Commission confirmed the discovery between the tracks and the stone structure of the 164-year-old Monard Viaduct between Cork and Blarney on Ireland's main InterCity route.

The hole was 1.5 metres deep and 0.4 metres across when it was discovered by track inspectors in June.

Irish Rail's Jane Cregan said that at no time were passengers at risk.

"During a routine track inspection, an issue was picked up in the vicinity of Monard Viaduct. All our assets are regularly inspected," she said.

Inspectors were examining the section of track involved after it was noticed that stones by the track were being lost. After an initial speed restriction was imposed, it was decided to temporarily close a single track of the line to allow for remedial works. These were completed within 24 hours.

Irish Independent