Friday 22 February 2019

'Ho Hum Bandit' facing long jail stretch

John Breslin

AN Irishman dubbed the 'Ho Hum Bandit' will plead guilty to carrying out a string of bank robberies across the west of the United States.

Adam Lynch, originally from north Dublin, was accused of a single count of bank robbery by force or violence following his arrest in Denver, Colorado, in April.

The 34-year-old originally pleaded not guilty, but has signalled that he plans to change his plea. In a filing by his lawyer, he indicated he is prepared to plead guilty to "multiple charges in multiple jurisdictions".

A hearing will take place in August, followed by sentencing. He faces a severe sentence, likely into double figures.

The Ho Hum Bandit -- so called because of his laidback attitude, sometimes yawning as he demanded money, and failure to take any measures to disguise his identity -- was linked to two dozen robberies across four states from early 2010 to March of this year.

But the FBI did not zero in on Mr Lynch until local police in Denver received a phone call from the Irishman's girlfriend, speaking from outside an Irish bar in the city.

According to a Denver police officer, Mr Lynch confessed to his girlfriend, Julia Lundstrom, that he was the Ho Hum Bandit as an explanation for how he was able to place a large amount of money in her bank account.

The couple, who met in San Diego before moving to Denver, were living together, but Mr Lynch was not working and was unable to share expenses.

They had argued over him owing her $11,000. When he placed $6,000 in her account, she began asking questions.


In a showdown talk at the Fado Bar, where, staff said, Mr Lynch was a generous and regular customer, he admitted to robbing banks, said Adam Acierno, a Denver police officer.

Ms Lundstrom went outside and called the police.

"She told them: 'I am sitting here with a bank robber,'" Mr Acierno said.

Mr Lynch moved to the US when he was 18. He grew up in Santry and Malahide.

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