Tuesday 20 March 2018

‘Hit team’ watched gangster 'Git' Zambra’s every movement

Christopher 'Git' Zambra
Christopher 'Git' Zambra

Ken Foy,Crime correspondent

Detectives believe that Ireland's latest gangland murder victim had been under detailed surveillance for a number of weeks before he was shot dead on Sunday afternoon.

Gardai are still searching for a motive for the murder of arch-criminal Christopher ‘Git' Zambra (39) who had dozens of deadly enemies in the criminal underworld.

However officers are satisfied that the “professional hit-team” who used two handguns in the brutal murder were “very much aware of Zambra's movements”.

A source told The Herald: “They knew exactly where Zambra was going and they pounced on him in rapid time. There was no way he was getting out of there after they boxed his car in with their two vehicles.”

Gardai have also not discounted the possibility that he was “set-up” by some of the mobsters that he was closely associated it.

It is understood that the Criminal Assets Bureau were also in the process of securing a judgement against the slain gangster who was a notorious “ladies man”, and who had numerous affairs with women some of whom were in relationships with other gangsters.

A number of possible hitmen have already been nominated to gardai for involvement in the murder, including a former dissident Republican from Co Louth, who is suspected of gunning down ‘Mad Mickey' Devoy in Tallaght last January.

Another criminal being blamed is a reckless hood from Clondalkin.

Hitmen who also previously were involved in the ‘Fat' Freddie Thompson gang are also being actively investigated.

Six shots were fired initially from the handgun into the Audi and Zambra, who was on his own in the car, climbed into the front passenger seat and stumbled out of the vehicle. Shots hit the windscreen, and more blasted out the driver's window. He ran along the pavement and into the garden of a house three doors away.

Zambra then collapsed in the garden and the gunman fired two or three further shots into his face.

The hitmen then made their escape and abandoned the Qashqai a short distance from the murder scene, at Benmadigan Road in Drimnagh, where they set it ablaze with the handgun inside the vehicle.

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