Monday 23 April 2018

High-flighers are eased into grim prison life

The Anglo Three will be waking up this morning to a reality a world away from life at the once high-flying bank known for its sumptuous corporate entertainment.

Breakfast this morning is dry cereal - the infamous 'porridge' is long gone - two or three slices of bread, milk and teabags, butter and plastic cutlery in a plastic bag collected on the landing.

After Friday's sentencing, the three were handcuffed and taken by prison transport to the Mountjoy Prison complex to be admitted officially into the system.

The first stop was a prefab cabin close to the entrance, where their details were taken, including a physical description and any medical issues.

They were also asked if they wanted to be put on special protection, a standard question for inmates who may have enemies behind bars. Then they were taken to the reception centre deep in the belly of the prison to a strip-lit room.

Tiarnan O'Mahoney and Bernard Daly, like any other prisoners, would have changed into prison clothes and been offered the opportunity to take shower. At this stage, a prison photograph was taken and they were assigned a prison number which will follow them through the system.

This weekend, they spent time on the committal wing, where inmates are assessed by nursing staff. All new inmates are kept under close watch, the so-called 'suicide watch', for their first 24 hours behind bars.

Aoife Maguire will be spared having to change during her processing at the Dóchas Centre within the Mountjoy complex, where women are allowed to wear their own clothes.

Most female prisoners share chalets within the grounds but the women's prison is full so there is no option for segregation, which means Maguire will encounter notorious fellow inmates such as Catherine Nevin and the Scissor Sisters, Charlotte and Linda Mulhall.

In the long term, the two men, as older prisoners, could expect to be moved to Mountjoy's Training Unit or the Midlands Prison. The prospect of a move to an open centre such as Shelton Abbey or Loughan House is unlikely in the short term, until they are within 12 months of their release date.

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