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Friday 23 February 2018

Hero taxi driver saved life of stabbed woman

Victim Therese Moore and husband Tommy
Victim Therese Moore and husband Tommy
The scene of the attack outside St Peter's in Drogheda
Blood at the scene of the attack

Elaine Keogh

THE husband of a woman stabbed in a frenzied but apparently random street attack said last night that a heroic taxi driver saved his wife's life.

Therese Moore (60) was on her way with her daughter to a hotel for a 40th birthday party on Saturday night in Drogheda, Co Louth, when a woman approached her and asked for a light for a cigarette.

After the mother of three said she didn't smoke, the younger woman pulled out a large kitchen knife and began stabbing her in the upper body.

She collapsed in a pool of blood at the scene on West Street, Drogheda -- outside St Peter's Church.

Her husband, Thomas, said that without the intervention of a passing taxi driver, who grabbed the attacker, his wife would probably be dead.

Former Labour councillor Mr Moore added: "We could have been talking about a murder and we would be waiting for the State Pathologist to talk to us."

Taxi driver Jed Carter said he was "a reluctant hero" and had intervened after seeing the woman with the knife.

"I was just in the right place at the wrong time and glad I could be of assistance. I wasn't on my own, there was another taxi driver there as well."

Mrs Moore was in a stable condition in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda, yesterday after the attack, which gardai said was "completely unprovoked and unbelievable".

Gardai arrested a woman at the scene. A knife was also recovered.

Mr Moore, a retired firefighter, said: "The whole family is traumatised and I feel very angry that an incident like this could happen at 10pm on a Saturday night on the main street of Drogheda.


"Only for the help of the taxi-man who came to restrain this person (Therese) might not be with us now," he said.

"My daughter was with her at the time but did not know there was a knife until she saw the blood all over the place."

His sister Paula Moore said: "What happened is just unbelievable. This woman would not hurt a fly and whoever did this should be put away and the key thrown away. If she had hit a vital organ my sister-in-law could be dead."

Mrs Moore said her sister-in-law and her daughter Jennifer were on their way to the Westcourt Hotel in the city to join a family 40th birthday party. The pair were 20 metres from the hotel when the attack took place.

The stabbing was described to her as, "frenzied like something you might see in America", she said, and "the taxi man restrained the woman and took the knife off her".

Another taxi driver also went to their aid and was going to take Mrs Moore to hospital in his cab but, "she was in too much pain and the ambulance came then".

Mrs Moore added: "If the taxi man had not come along I think she would have kept going (stabbing) and if she had hit a major organ we could be talking about a murder and we would be waiting for the State Pathologist to meet us."

Mr Moore thanked local gardai, who were quickly on the scene, and said he would like to see more officers on the beat in the centre of Drogheda at night.

The family is hopeful that the attack has been captured on nearby CCTV.

Family friend and local councillor Ged Nash (Labour) said: "This was a brutal and senseless attack on a local woman and its absolute random nature has completely shocked the community.

"A woman and her daughter should be able to walk safely through the centre of their town without fear of attack," he added.

Cllr Nash also called for the law on the carrying of knives to be toughened up.

"Anyone carrying a knife without good reason should be considered to have an intention to use it against someone and they should expect to be severely punished. The message should go out that knife crime will simply not be tolerated."

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