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Tuesday 23 January 2018

Hero singer Damien Dempsey rescues two young swimmers from river

Singer Damien Dempsey
Singer Damien Dempsey
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

SINGER Damien Dempsey has been hailed as a hero after rescuing two young swimmers who got into difficulty in a river.

The Dublin singer came to the aid of the two distressed swimmers in the river Slaney in Enniscorthy yesterday afternoon.

Mark Ronan was the scene and told South East radio about the incident this morning.

"There was one guy in the river who looked to be in his late teens or early twenties.

"He was splashing about and was having trouble staying afloat, from what I gather his friend jumped in to try and save him, but he started having trouble as well.

"I had been watching for about four minutes when I realised that this was quickly developing into a worrying situation."

Mr Ronan, who told the station he had recently retired from New Ross fire service after 27 years on the job said: "I knew from experience in emergency rescue situations that was going to get out of hand."

He told the programme that he can’t swim, but attempted to find help for the swimmers.

"I turned around and see some fella dressed all in black, as cool as you like, taking off his shoes and climbing down the embankment.

"I recognised him straight away as being Damien Dempsey.

"He had some sort of sheet or blanket wrapped around him, I haven't a clue where he got it, or where he came from.

"He swam out and tossed him one end of the sheet to the young guy and towed him back to safety and the other lad managed to follow.

He said that the singer had no interest in being praised for the rescue.

"I shouted well done mate!  But he didn't answer me - he had no interest in any praise whatsoever.

"He didn't do it for that,  it seemed like he simply did it because the people needed help.”

A representative of Sony records has confirmed to that the singer was involved in the rescue but he had no comment to make on the incident.

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