Friday 19 January 2018

Hero publican fights off armed robbery

Robbers were armed with meat cleaver and gun

The Marsh House pub in Drogheda
The Marsh House pub in Drogheda

A HERO publican who single-handedly fought off two armed men who were trying to rob his pub said the intruders, who were armed with a meat cleaver and shotgun, “weren’t getting a penny” from him.

Liam Hodson, from Drogheda, has been running The Marsh House pub on Marsh Road in Drogheda, Co Louth for the past nine months. He took it over after spending 12 years running a local nightclub in the town.

At around 8.15pm on Saturday night, two men - one armed with a meat cleaver and another with a double barrel shotgun - burst into the pub.

Mr Hodson was behind the bar, and there were four other patrons there.

The man with the cleaver ran behind the bar and held the weapon to Mr Hodson’s throat and face. He demanded Mr Hodson hand over any money on the premises. He aggressively threatened to cut off Mr Hodson’s ear if he did not give them money.

Mr Hodson, who suffered  cuts to his neck, face and hands in the attack, handed over the money from the till, which amounted to around €200, but refused to hand over the money he had secured in the safe.

“I thought this guy means business. But he wasn’t getting a penny as far as I was concerned,” said Mr Hodson.

“I weighed up my options. I  rammed him to the ground. I pushed him out of the way and then I made a run for the man with the gun.

“I said: Are you going to shoot me? If you’re going to shoot me, shoot me.  He bottled it, he didn’t shoot me.

“I tried to get the gun off him, and when I grabbed the gun he flinched back from me, and ran out the door.”

Then with the help from shocked customers, Mr Hodson detained the man with the cleaver by sitting on him until police came.

Brave Mr Hodson said he was left shaken after the attack but felt “okay” this morning. He was taken to hospital but discharged shortly afterwards. He said he was “absolutely” frightened during the attack, but wasn’t going to let the raiders take his money.

“I’ll always fight my corner. I’ll do what I have to do to defend myself,” he said.

“Why should I let some scumbag take my money?”

The cash taken was also recovered.

A 21 year old male who had been detained at Drogheda Garda Station in relation to the armed robbery at a public house on Marsh St. is scheduled to appear before a special sitting of Dundalk District Court tomorrow morning at 10am charged in connection with the robbery.



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