Monday 22 January 2018

Here's a tip: watch out for CCTV cameras

Emma Jane Hade

Emma Jane Hade

IT WAS an internet-age solution to solving an old fashioned theft.

When a coffee shop owner noticed that the staff tip jar had been stolen, he checked CCTV and witnessed the "blatant" theft.

Karl Purdy then uploaded footage of the incident to YouTube and Facebook and invited others to "watch the scumbag in action".

Now gardai are investigating the theft of the tip jar from Coffee Angel on South Anne Street in Dublin.

"I didn't want to pester the gardai, so I uploaded it as a cautionary tale," said Mr Purdy.

"Other businesses have contacted me and said they have had similar incidents. He may even be the same guy," he added.

The perpetrator entered the store at around 3.45pm on Wednesday, and after the theft Mr Purdy got a phone call from worried staff.

He was able to access the security camera footage from his phone and said the perpetrator could be seen to be posing as a customer, and was on the phone as if "patiently waiting".

When the barista turned around, he swiped the jar, discreetly stowing it away in his bag and leaving the store.

Mr Purdy then uploaded the 20-second clip online.

He said there was as little as "€10 to €20" in the jar, but that it was the "principle" of the matter which spurred him into action.

"I feel bad for the staff. It's not much money but it's the money that the customers give out of generosity."

Mr Purdy has said that the outpouring of support from the public has been "amazing".

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