Tuesday 16 July 2019

Here comes the sun – Europe set for sweltering 41C heatwave

Temperatures here to hit 27C by end of week

Summer shower: Zoe Humphreys (13) enjoying a walk on Donabate Beach in Dublin.
Summer shower: Zoe Humphreys (13) enjoying a walk on Donabate Beach in Dublin.
Laura Lynott

Laura Lynott

Hospitals, retirement homes and local authorities across Europe have been put on high alert as a heatwave will bring temperatures over 40C.

Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Brussels and Frankfurt are among the cities expected to witness a multi-day heatwave early this week.

Temperatures will peak at 41C in Madrid on Thursday and Friday, and almost get to 40C in Paris and Majorca.

Germany was preparing for 40C temperatures and the possibility of breaking the record of 40.3C in Bavaria in 2015.

Britain is expecting temperatures of up to 30C.

Although we are unlikely to experience such searing heat, temperatures will begin to rise here by the middle of the week.

Tomorrow is expected to be a "warm day with good sunshine and just the odd shower". The highest temperatures will be between 19C and 24C.

By Thursday, it will be another "warm and sunny day for most of the country with highs of 20C to 27C".

But three popular swimming spots could be closed to bathers amid fears of low quality water as the country prepares for the mini heatwave.

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council issued the closure notice last night, explaining that there was an "overflow discharge of wastewater" at a number of wastewater treatment facilities and pumping stations in the bay area of south Dublin, following heavy rainfall.


It has closed Seapoint, Sandycove and the Forty Foot bathing areas and said it will receive water quality results in three days.

This means the bathing spots could be closed to sunseekers as temperatures hit the high twenties for the first time this year.

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council will be posting updates on its website and on social media over the coming days.

Meanwhile the summer warmth cannot come soon enough for one of the country's best known ice-cream companies, while those selling rain gear are making hay until the heatwave.

Teddy's in Dún Laoghaire has several locations selling the cool summer treat.

"You just have to believe it, that it's going to get warmer," Teddy's owner Yasmin Khan told the Irish Independent.

"Business does depend on sunshine but people do still come out to get an ice-cream to make them smile regardless.

Ms Khan said the weather had been so poor that even their corporate events had been down recently and they'd had a sudden last-minute "heap of phone calls" for bookings timed with the "heatwave forecast".

Meanwhile, Deirdre Ahern, manager at Carrolls Gift Shop, which has stores in Cork and Dublin, said the rain had definitely seen an increase in the sale of umbrellas in June.

And one famous Mancunian, Liam Gallagher, had helped the poncho trade at the Cork shop on Sunday.

The former Oasis frontman had performed at Irish Independent Park in the city and the heavens opened up once again - but the crowds were ready as they grabbed every single poncho on sale in Carrolls.

"Liam Gallagher was playing and it rained heavily," Ms Ahern said. "We sold out of ponchos and if we had another 200 we'd have sold them too."

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