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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Her Garda confidant

Former Garda inspector Tom Kennedy was one of those to be frequently mentioned as a very close associate and confidant of Catherine Nevin. A native of Co Kerry, he had an illustrious career in An Garda Siochana before retiring in March 1994.

Six or seven years prior to Tom Nevin's murder, he had become very friendly with the Nevins, especially Catherine. She had great confidence in his advice, and even trusted him to make cash drop-offs at the AIB night safe in Wicklow town, where he lived with his wife. Catherine would turn to him for support and guidance arising out of the many alleged burglaries at the pub.

The friendship with Catherine would be described by staff members as sexual. He would at all times deny this, despite the explicit details provided by the young female members of staff.

He described Catherine as "the type of person who would give you a pain in the head when she started getting on about things".

Tom Kennedy, in the pre-Catherine Nevin days, could be described as a happily married man, nearing the end of an illustrious career. He is softly spoken, with a bright and keen intellect. All who had served with him held him in high esteem. He was regarded as easygoing and having a very pleasant and friendly manner.

Catherine had on many occasions belittled Tom Kennedy in public. Why was he prepared to accept this treatment? Why did he stand loyally by her throughout the investigation, and even after she had been charged with the murder of her husband? He wasn't an idiot; far from it.

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