Sunday 26 May 2019

Hello again . . . Davy Keogh still flying the flag

Allison Bray

Davy Keogh has been saying hello for almost 30 years, and yesterday was no exception as the FAI's most famous supporter held his trademark tricolour aloft in Bulgaria.

The 50-year-old factory worker has become an iconic figure at Irish international football matches since he first unfurled his banner with the words "Davy Keogh Says Hello" back in 1981.

Although he has been a staunch supporter of the Irish squad since he was a child, it wasn't until he came up with his slogan that he became a household name at matches.

The inspiration behind his famous catch phrase was an apparent lack of originality at the sea of Irish flags surrounding him at international matches before he uttered his famous greeting.

"I was looking at all the blank tricolours around me and I thought I'd make up a slogan," he said.

"All the boys and myself were trying to come up with something to rhyme with Keogh and that's where the 'Davy Keogh says Hello' came from."

He has taken his beloved flag with him to virtually every Irish match at more than 35 destinations around the world, including his most daunting venue to date -- Tehran's Azadi Stadium.

There was even a minute's silence held at a London pub last year when his flag went temporarily missing following a match at Croke Park.

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