Saturday 25 May 2019

Dog locked in van as temperatures hit 26C rescued by gardai

The dog was locked in a van at Groove Festival
Photo: Garda Info/Twitter
The dog was locked in a van at Groove Festival Photo: Garda Info/Twitter

A dog who was locked in a van as temperatures hit 26C today was rescued by concerned gardai.

Gardai and animal welfare organisations are urging pet owners not to leave their four-legged friends in hot vehicles during the heatwave.

A garda spokesperson said that the dog was left in a vehicle at Groove Festival in Co Wicklow today.

They said in  post on Twitter: "This little fella was left locked in the back of a van today in 26 degree heat at the Bray Groove Festival.

"Gardaí managed to get into the van and rescue the dog. Please don’t leave animals locked in vehicles on hot days."

The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said this is not the first case they have come across recently.

They wrote under the garda's post: "Fair play, today we had to remove two dogs locked in cars!"

The ISPCA has warned that animals, like humans, can die from heatstroke and that even leaving a vehicle's window open may not be effective.

A spokesperson said: "Even if the temperature outside is 22°C, the inside of a car can reach 47°C. On a day that is 30°C or hotter, the inside of the car can reach fatal temperatures in under ten minutes. 

"Dogs in particular are at risk because they cool themselves by panting. If the air becomes too hot, they are unable to regulate their body temperatures."

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