Friday 23 February 2018

Heat takes its toll on two thirsty TDs

TOO much sunshine (and mirabile dictu there's been an abundance of it about this week) can affect the hearing, it seems.

Seduced by the pleasant weather beaming down on a closed Dail, two government deputies were discussing one (late) afternoon the possibility of sloping off a wee bit early in search of a beer-garden in the vicinity.

"After all, the sun is over the yard-arm," reasoned one thirsty TD.

His friend was impressed. "That's a great expression, I haven't heard that one before."

Cue confusion all around until it emerged that TD Two had misheard the argument in favour of going in search of pints as "the sun is over the Ardilaun" – the Galway hotel made famous by Biffo's unfortunate bout of congestion after a late night which hastened his political demise.

A new phrase is born. It'll be in the Oxford English Dictionary by Christmas.

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