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'Heartened' Norris sparks speculation

INDEPENDENT Senator David Norris last night sparked fresh speculation about a possible return to the presidential election campaign, writes Fionnan Sheahan.

Mr Norris made his first statement since dramatically dropping out of the presidential election race, in the wake of revelations that he made representations for his former partner who was convicted of statutory rape.

The senator yesterday acknowledged his continued strong support from the public after an opinion poll showed one-in-three people want him to re-enter the race.

"Senator Norris is greatly heartened by and appreciates the continued support being shown to him by the Irish public," a statement read.

He was not available for comment following the release of the statement, but the poll showed that he would still be a popular choice for president.

The 'Sunday Independent'/Millward Brown Lansdowne opinion poll showed he still has 18pc of the support, even after exiting the race.

And 34pc said they wanted him back in the presidential election.

However, even with significant public support, Mr Norris would face major hurdles if he wanted to return to the race.

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