Saturday 17 March 2018

Heartbroken parents of murdered Sebastian Creane reveal killing 'almost broke' their marriage

Sebastian Creane
Sebastian Creane
Shane Clancy. Photo taken from mother Leonie Fennell's blog page
Sebastian Creane's girlfriend Jennifer Hannigan
Leonie Farrell and her partner Tony Donnelly outside Wicklow Court at the inquest into the death of her son Shane Clancy
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

The parents of a student who was killed by Dalkey student Shane Clancy in a knife rampage five years ago have revealed how the tragedy almost broke their marriage.

Nuala and Jay Creane - the heartbroken parents of Sebastian (22) – who was fatally stabbed by Clancy at their home on August 16, 2009 – have described the trauma of losing their son.

Clancy’s own body was found at the rear of the Creane home in Bray. He had suffered a number of self-inflicted knife wounds.

At around 3am that night, Shane drove to Dunnes Stores in Cornelscourt, Dublin, where he bought a set of knives.

He then drove to Bray where he stabbed Seb to death. He then stabbed his ex-girlfriend Jen - almost killing her - before stabbing Seb’s brother Dylan and proceeding to take his own life.

He had been going out with Sebastian’s girlfriend Jennifer Hannigan for three years up to March 2009.

He ended the relationship but became depressed when he found out she was seeing Sebastian Creane.

The families affected by the Bray tragedy caused by one young man’s heartbreak, relive their horrific nightmare in a new TV3 documentary to be broadcast on Monday.

Nuala Creane told how the tragedy changed her family’s life irreversibly.

“Jay said to me ‘Nuala; this could finish us. This could break us’.”

“I’ve known him (Jay) a long time and for us, if our marriage broke because of Seb’s death, that would have gone too far. We’d been hurt enough,” she told TV3.

Jennifer Hannigan recounts how her former boyfriend looked like “the Tasmanian Devil” when he arrived at the house.

“All I heard was Seb screaming and saying ‘What the f**k is that? F**k he has a knife. Run Jen, run.’ and with that it was just, it was like slow motion and fast forward all at the same time.”

And she said Shane kicked and hit her while she was on the floor but she managed to get up.

“Then he punched me and whatever way I fell, thank God, because then he just stabbed me straight in the back.”

“Whatever way that was, now I know but at the time I didn’t, with the force and the direction and wherever he got me, the handle broke and then he was gone.”

Meanwhile, Leonie Fennell speaks about her disbelief that her son Shane could have been responsible for the tragedy.

“I said ‘no, Shane couldn’t do that’. Shane was just a decent and kind guy. He just wanted to help everybody.”

“He loved children, he loved people, As far as I know he had never hit somebody in his whole life. How can that person be the same person that killed somebody else and himself?

“The papers were giving Shane a terrible time, saying that he was this monster.”

The documentary retraces the whole story of Clancy’s heartbreak which led to the frightening sequence of events - culminating in the killing of Seb Creane, the attempted killings of Jennifer Hannigan and Dylan Creane and Clancy’s own suicide.

The documentary ‘A Search for Justice – Death in Bray’ airs on Monday March 10 at 9pm on TV3.

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