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Heartbroken mother of Michael Dwyer speaks of her 'agony' as she seeks the 'truth' surrounding his death


THE heartbroken mother of a security worker shot dead by Bolivian special forces has spoken of her “agony” as she seeks the “truth” surrounding his death.

Michael Dwyer, 24, from Brocka, Ballinderry, Co Tipperary, was killed in April 2009 over an alleged political assassination plot targeting president Evo Morales.

His mother, Caroline, has just returned from Bolivia,  where she formally petition the government,  for an independent international inquiry into his death.

“If anybody ever had a living nightmare, this is it,” she told Independent.ie

“To find out your son has been killed in the most horrific of circumstances is really difficult. We will never as a family get over this. I thought the trip to the country might help to put some closure on it - but it became clear we’re not going to get closure.”

During her trip she visited the hotel where her son died, and met representatives from the Bolivian government, as well as witnesses in the case surround her his killing.

“It’s clear that the Bolivian authorities have no intention of carrying out an impartial investigation. They are also incapable of doing do so.

“Therefore, we believe we need an independent investigation consisting of an international panel.”

She said she will not give up until she “restores Michael’s good name.”

“His right to defend himself was taken away when they took his life. I will not stop until we get the truth.”

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