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Friday 24 January 2020

Healy-Rae on right road over fairies, says folklore expert

Independent TD for Kerry Danny Healy-Rae. Photo: Tom Burke
Independent TD for Kerry Danny Healy-Rae. Photo: Tom Burke

Sorcha O'Connor

A leading fairy expert has backed Danny Healy-Rae's claims that a group of fairies is to blame for poor road conditions in Co Kerry.

Storyteller Eddie Lenihan said the road could have blocked a "fairy path" which may have resulted in a dip in the road on the outskirts of Killarney at Glenflesk.

"There are three things you don't do; you don't build a house on a fairy path or obstruct a fairy path, you don't demolish a fairy bush, and you don't destroy a fairy fort.

"If there are two forts, one on either side, at that point maybe there is a fairy path across the road between the forts.

"If that was the case I'd say there might be something there, the road might be built over a fairy path," he said.

The road was originally built in the 1980s; the dip or lag has been a reoccurring problem over the years.

"A depression appeared in the road and was fixed," Mr Healy-Rae said.

"Seven or eight years later it appeared again. I asked the question, was it the fairies at play? There are ring forts or lios in the area and we know not to touch or interfere with these."

Mr Healy-Rae estimated €40,000 had been spent on the N72 route recently but, with the dip reappearing, signage would have to be erected to alert drivers to the lag until the issue was fixed.

Mr Lenihan explained that this would not be the first case of the "other crowd" supposedly taking matters into their own hands when human activity disrupts the status quo.

"There are stories about when they were first putting down telegraph poles, for rural electrification. The poles were rooted up in the morning and left lying on the ground where they had been," he said.

"You could of course say it was a prank by locals who didn't want them there, but this happened time and again, and watchmen would be there.

"But nobody could be spotted doing this and the poles would be down in the morning."

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