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Healthy interest in medical careers

EVIDENTLY, there is little or no recession in medicine.

That's how the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) sees it -- and while everyone is worried about money, demand for medical courses in Ireland remains oversubscribed.

At an open day yesterday, hundreds of secondary school pupils mingled in the college trying to decide exactly how healthy their futures might be.

Physiotherapy and pharmacy courses are also on offer here and while they may be slightly less secure, one thing is for certain -- these are long-term career paths that must be viewed as such.

"There is a huge demand. There is no recession in medicine," said RCSI deputy admissions officer Celeste Golden.

"If anything, there has been an increase in demand for medicine places; it's the same with pharmacy."

"I suppose you have to wonder where we are going to end up but it's not all bad to be able to travel," said Niamh Buttimer (17), a fifth-year pupil at Mount Mercy College, Cork.

Michelle Franklin (18), from the FCJ School in Bunclody, Co Wexford, who is interested in a pharmacy degree, said: "I want to travel and they say it is an internationally recognised degree."

Ciaran Cronin, from Catholic University School in Dublin, added: "I think (the economy) is affecting people's college choice -- people are looking for a career at the end as opposed to an arts degree but I wouldn't do something that I didn't want to do just because there is a job at the end of it."

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