Saturday 17 March 2018

Your 'Dolmio day'... now just once a week

Ryan Nugent

The makers of popular pasta sauce, Dolmio, have warned the public not to eat some of their products more than once a week.

Products that are particularly high in salt, sugar or fat, including Dolmio meal kits, will come with a label advising "occasional" consumption.

Such "occasional" items include creamy lasagne sauces, classic basil pesto and Macaroni and cheese oven bake kits.

The company, who also produce Uncle Ben's sauces, will now break their products down into the two categories '"occasional" and "everyday".

The company have stressed that most of its products would still be for consumption every day.

The move is part of a five-year global health initiative by food giant, Mars Food.

‘Dolmio: manufacturers’ limit
‘Dolmio: manufacturers’ limit

The company will reformulate many of its products to reduce fat content and boost the use of whole grains and vegetables.

Mars Food has also pledged to reduce salt by an average of 2pc by 2021 and reduce added sugar in a limited number of sauces and light meals by 2018.

The company said the move is designed to help families by giving them easier-to-understand nutritional information as well as a wider range of healthy choices.

Mars Food website will be updated over the coming months with the separate list of products and how often they should be eaten.

The plan, however, does not extend to Mars' chocolate or sweets businesses, whose brands include M&M's, Snickers and Starburst.

Some countries, including Britain, France and Mexico, have announced levies on sugar-sweetened drinks.

"Rising obesity levels are a real concern and a range of initiatives are needed to change behaviour and reverse the current trend. We believe it is important to provide people with the facts," a spokesperson for Mars Food said.

Adults are recommended to have 70g fat a day, 20g saturated fat, 90g sugar and 6g salt per day.

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