Saturday 24 February 2018

'Use GAA club houses and school buses as community-based services'

Portrait of sad lonely pensive old senior woman
Portrait of sad lonely pensive old senior woman Newsdesk Newsdesk

AGE Action Ireland is demanding a more "creative" approach to the care of elderly people, including the use of GAA club houses and school buses during the day time.

The campaign group claims that the Government should focus more on community-based services in order to reform geriatric healthcare effectively.

Age Action has also criticised a lack of "planning or forward thinking" in dealing with community care issues for elderly people.

A spokesman said: "We need to be more creative in how we address this problem. For instance, we have GAA club houses and school buses all over the country, neither of which are in use until the evening time.

"The clubhouses could be used as day centres for the elderly and the buses could be used to bring them there. So I think it is how we use our resources is the big issue."

A Department of Health spokesman said the Nursing Homes Support Scheme was started three years ago and its progress was being reviewed.

It is considering various issues including the future financing of long-term residential care, and how community and residential supports and services should be balanced.

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