Saturday 16 February 2019

Ten Irish women a day get UK abortions

10 Irish women a day travel to the UK for an abortion
10 Irish women a day travel to the UK for an abortion
Eilish O'Regan

Eilish O'Regan

MORE than 10 Irish women had an abortion in the UK every day last year.

New figures from the UK's Department of Health show that 3,679 Irish women had abortions last year, although this was a fall of 7.6pc and continued a downward trend.

The Irish Family Planning Association said the latest figure did not tell the full story as not all women seeking an abortion provide their Irish addresses, while some women travel to other European states to access abortion services.

Chief executive Niall Behan said: "At least 3,679 women were forced to travel to the UK last year to access a safe and legal abortion because they are denied these necessary health services in their own country.

"Every day our clients tell us about their experiences of being abandoned by the Irish health care system and being forced to rely on the services of another country.

"Since 1980, over 158,252 women have had to make the journey to the UK to access abortion.

"These women are not criminals but the law treats them as such, because they are seeking a service that is illegal in almost every circumstance in Ireland."

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