Wednesday 13 December 2017

Sneezing my way through June – so what's new?

Bairbre Power

Bairbre Power

Hay fever is an unfortunate summer hazard, but now I'm suffering worse than ever and the constant sneezing is hurting my back, my social life and wrecking my head.

I'm coughing, sneezing, wheezing and generally sounding like the last person you'd want to sit beside on a plane.

My nose is running 24/7, like it wants to compete in the nasal Olympics and my forehead is thumping, not because of a glass of cheap vino but because of my allergic reaction to grass pollen.

I feel so darn miserable that I haven't hit the annual summer sales – that's a first – because the thought of wrestling hangers and dressing rooms with this constant sneezing doesn't hold any appeal, bargains or no bargains.

Come the sunshine, I seize every opportunity to put the roof down on my car. Little chance of that. Instead, I'm under siege from grass pollen which means I'm watching indoors as my dinner is cooked on the BBQ outside and I'll eat it accompanied by my faithful box of tissues. The only good thing about all this sneezing is that I'm crossed off the grass cutting rota . . . this week anyway.

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