Tuesday 24 October 2017

Salmonella: Cases of illness are on the decline

Salmonella bacteria
Salmonella bacteria
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Salmonella continues to pose a major food poisoning threat in Ireland - but cases of the infection have fallen over the years.

There were 269 reported cases of salmonella illness in 2015, compared with 349 in 2010.

Contaminated food is usually the main source. Salmonella bacteria live in the gut of many farm animals and can affect meat, eggs, poultry and milk.

Other foods such as green vegetables, fruit and shellfish can become contaminated through contact with manure in the soil or sewage in the water. Contamination is also possible if raw and cooked foods are stored together.

Salmonella can be spread from person to person by failing to wash hands properly after going to the toilet, or after handling contaminated food.

Anyone can be infected by salmonella, but young children, the elderly and people whose immune systems are not working properly - including people with cancer or with underlying conditions - have a greater risk of becoming severely ill.

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