Monday 23 April 2018

Revealed: The five ways the Government plans to cut our waistlines

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Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

The Government are set to reveal their latest plan to reduce our average weight by 5pc as we’re heading to become one of the fattest countries in Europe.

The national obesity plan which will be rolled out over the next decade aims to reduce the gap in obesity levels between the richest and poorest sections of society by 10pc.

‘A Healthy Weight for Ireland’ report aims to reduce the level through five main strategies. Here are the five things you need to know about the strategy:

1. School sports

PE will be introduced as a Leaving Cert subject to increase the exercise of young people. The optional subject will allow young girls in particular to become more active and will be included as an exam subject.

2. Calorie information

Food establishments will have to post the calorie intake of their meals to allow people to examine what they are eating. Hospitals will also have to post calorie information on the foods they supply.

3. Ingredients insight

Food industries will be asked to reduce fat, sugar and salt in their products in order to make food healthier for consumers. The Government said they will work with the industry to make food healthier.

4.  Advertising clampdown

A new code of practice for marketing food and drinks will be introduced. Products will not be allowed to mislead the consumer such as branding products as healthy when they have high levels of salt or sugar.

5. Sugar levy

A sugar levy will be introduced on products to discourage consumers from buying sugary products such as fizzy drinks and sweets. Ireland currently has the third highest rate of obesity with one in four children and six in 10 adults obese or overweight, according to a report by the Lancet medical journal.

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