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Over 60,000 people register for HSE's Be On Call For Ireland initiative


Health: Simon Harris. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Health: Simon Harris. Photo: Gerry Mooney

Health: Simon Harris. Photo: Gerry Mooney

The HSE has received over 60,000 applications to its recruitment drive for workers with healthcare experience to help fight the coronavirus, COVID.

Anne Marie Hoey, HSE National Director for Human Resources said: “We want to thank all who have been in contact to assist our health services in answering the call in such numbers through the ' Be on Call for Ireland' initiative.

“The HSE are now analysing all the information from the registrations, and we ask for your continued patience. If you have registered, we may be in contact, please bear with us.”

Currently the HSE is particularly focused on recruiting health care professionals who are not providing health care in any health care setting already, and are available to work immediately.

“This is the group we are contacting with first and interviews have already started on doctors and nurses in this category.

“We are moving through a shortened selection process which includes interviews and checking professional registration.

“This started on Friday. These are important steps which we need to take to ensure that our services remain safe. As soon as we have completed this category we will move forward to work with the rest of the registrations.“

She added: ”We may not know where the jobs are so we cannot give this information yet. We are focusing on getting new staff "job ready" so they can meet the demand as it arises.

“Within the large volume of registrations there are a large number of healthcare professionals currently working part time in the health services either private or public.

“We would ask you to discuss with your manager how you can increase your hours to improve capacity across the health services as all of our services will be needed in the weeks to come.

“We would remind all those who registered who are doctors, nurses, work in relevant medical laboratory areas or ambulance staff, but who are not currently working in health care to ensure that they have their phone at hand so that they can answer the call.“

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