Friday 27 April 2018

Mum still seething after daughter gets reprieve for a year

Karen and Eve North
Karen and Eve North
Emma Jane Hade

Emma Jane Hade

THE MOTHER of a young girl who lives with Down syndrome that had her medical card taken from her has told how her daughter has finally got it back, 10 months after it was initially revoked.

Karen North was overjoyed at the Government's announcement at the end of May that all discretionary cards would be returned.

But, it took until last Friday before she finally found out that her daughter's medical card was reinstated after she called the local pharmacy to find out.

"We were left waiting," the dedicated mother said.

Eve, who held the card since birth, now has her card for just one year. She lost it last September after it went up for renewal.

The Kerry resident is now delighted they have the card back, but remains sceptical about the Government's plan to establish a panel.

"It's not over yet, this panel still has its work to do. They are all valid for a year, but what happens after that then?" Ms North asked.

She said that she felt the need to speak out about this issue, as she feared the implications it would have upon her youngest child's future.

"I felt that as a country, to allow this to go ahead, we were really just digging a new low," she added.

Eve (12) suffers from a number of medical complications due to her lifelong condition, including low muscle tone, and she underwent heart surgery in 2012.

"She doesn't walk very far so she has a wheelchair, and apart from that she would use bowel medication. And she would always be chesty and constantly on antibiotics," Ms North said.

She described the decision by the HSE to review, and ultimately not return, her daughter's medical card last year as "an insult".

Ms North has warned the Government that she feels this debacle will not be forgotten before the next election.

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