Thursday 22 February 2018

'I've missed a lot' - a determined Patricia Ingle reveals her dream for the future despite debilitating disease

Patricia Ingle with her sisters Melissa and Kiera
Patricia Ingle with her sisters Melissa and Kiera
Patricia Ingle Photo: Fergal Phillips
Patricia Ingle with her parents Annette and Patrick at home. Photo: Fergal Phillips
Patricia Ingle and her sister Kiera just days before Patricia contracted the virus
Patricia Ingle in her bedroom Photo: Fergal Phillips
Patricia's first Christmas in Cork University Hospital in 2009
Patricia Ingle with her parents Pat and Annette and sister Melissa and Kiera
Patricia Ingle celebrating her birthday at home with her family after being released from hospital
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

A young woman who was left severely disabled as a result of contracting a rare disease from a parrot has revealed that she know hopes to take her dream holiday to Florida, despite her illness.

Patricia Ingle (29) from Co Limerick, suffered catastrophic injuries after contracting chlamydia psittacosis - an airborne infection which can be transferred from birds to humans - while working at the Petmania store, Ennis Road, Limerick, in 2008.

As a result of the brain virus, Patricia was left in a coma and was unable to talk, walk or eat. She spent three years bravely fighting for her life as her family prepared to turn off her life-support machines.

In a wide-ranging interview with yesterday, Patricia and her parents revealed the difficult reality of life now, her incredible strength and positivity in the face of incredible bad luck, why they felt forced to take a record personal injuries court case and Patricia's dreams for the future.

The remarkably positive 29-year-old has revealed to that she now plans to go on her dream holiday to Florida.

Just days after she fell ill in 2008, Patricia was due to go on holidays with her family on the once in a lifetime trip.

Patricia Ingle speaking to speech therapy students in the University of Limerick
Patricia Ingle speaking to speech therapy students in the University of Limerick

Patricia says she "forever feels 19" as her life was put on hold when she fell ill.

"I had my driving test the following week and I had planned a trip to Florida. But all that was forgotten about. I feel like I will be forever 19.

"I've missed a lot of birthdays and a lot of Christmases. I want to be able to do things like everyone else. I feel frozen in time. My dream is to go to Florida on the trip I had to forget," Patricia told

Patricia's mum Annette said that she will do everything in her power to make her daughter's dream come true.

"She has been through so much. She deserves this. She watches all her friends and family go away on holidays and she dreams of doing the same thing too.

"She can't go away on holiday like you or me though. She needs to be able to plug in her equipment on the plane and we need to take a tonne of supplies. We can't trust taking her on a commercial plane.

"I will be terrified taking her anywhere foreign but I can't keep her trapped up in the house. She needs to be able to live her life like everyone else."

Annette added that the only way that Patricia will be able to fly is on a private jet.

"We need to know that she has space and can plug in her machines. She needs to be able to get her wheelchair onto the plane and have her nurses around her. The only way is a private jet but we don't know anyone who has access to one.

"One way or another, we will get Tricia to Florida. It's her only dream and I determined to make it happen."

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