Friday 24 November 2017

Irish women ignoring health consequences with excessive drinking at home

Rosemarie Loughlin White says she can
Rosemarie Loughlin White says she can "hardly recognise" herself since she permanently gave up wine for water.

Rosemarie Loughlin White lost four and a half stone and is happier than ever after addressing her alcohol consumption which stemmed from her low esteem.

Irish women drinking at home are often reaching their weekly maximum 14 unit alcohol limits in just one night yet don’t seem to count the liquid calories or health consequences.

Recent years have seen changes in the nature of Irish drinking. Recent studies have shown we’re drinking more at home, with 50pc of alcohol bought for home consumption.

This increase has seen a sharp rise in the level of wine consumed at home.  In 1990, 7pc of alcohol consumed in Ireland was wine, which has almost quadrupled to 26pc in 2011 and is expected to increase further by the end of 2014. 

Wine has a particularly high appeal for women. It is relatively cheap and easy to obtain and perfectly acceptable.  A woman can reach her maximum weekly drinking limit of 14 units with just under two bottles of wine for less than the hourly minimum wage of €8.65.

Many people could easily do this in a single night watching TV. Yet, calorie-wise, this is the equivalent of four bars of chocolate or two burgers with chips.

Even more worryingly, Alcohol Action Ireland reports that drinking one standard alcoholic drink a day is associated with a nine per cent increase in the risk of developing breast cancer; while three to six drinks a day increases the risk by 41pc.

Chilling out with a nice red has become such a habit at home with nobody calling time or checking measures. It seems to be the perfect escape from the constant pressure to reach new dizzying heights of ‘domestic godessery’ whilst crashing through the glass ceiling at work, or at worst, a dark hole to drown sorrows and forget a myriad of misery and troubles.

Rosemarie Loughlin White (40) from Gorey in Wexford found herself disappearing into this dark hole as her weight kept piling on until she reached almost 14 stone and a BMI of 31.6.

“I hardly recognise the person I used to be,” she said.

“ I was a borderline alcoholic who drowned her fat sorrows each evening with at least two bottles of wine.  I would purposefully avoid eye contact with mirrors and even moved into the spare room to avoid my husband.” 

“Shopping was out of the question, unless it was for slimming tablets and my health was really suffering.

“My blood pressure was sky high, I was using inhalers all the time and suffered from awful migraines,” she added. 

Rosemarie was not morbidly obese but that extra 3 stone she carried was ruining her life.  She represents so many Irish women today who have two or three stone to lose but just get stuck in a rut.

In February 2013, Rosemarie decided that she couldn’t face another day or night of weight woes so she nervously took that first step and made a call to Motivation Weight Management in Gorey which dramatically changed her life. 

In the very first month Rosemarie lost a full stone and went on to lose the 3 ½ stone in just four months that had plagued her self esteem and happiness for the last 10 years. 

“The programme worked for me in many different ways. I changed my eating habits and the way I felt about myself.”

“The one-to-one sessions were fantastic; I found it so much easier than being in a group setting and I never felt I was being judged.  I could still eat and enjoy my food but without the dreaded guilty feeling”, she said. 

Motivation’s success is founded on the company’s unique approach to weight management, which focuses not just on what people eat, but why.

This ground-breaking concept was pioneered by world-renowned French-Canadian Bariatrician Dr. Maurice Larocque, who developed the revolutionary “Mental Weight” concept, to help people achieve and maintain their ideal weight by identifying and tackling the root cause of their eating habits and behaviours.   

Rosemarie’s main issue was her cripplingly low self esteem and how she perceived herself.  Her ‘Mental Weight’ when she started the programme was a whopping 19 stone which was over five stone heavier than her actual weight. 

This perception alone was a huge barrier for her to losing weight as the problem was worse in her mind than it actually was.  Once that barrier was removed, the weight slipped off and her wine crutch was thrown by the wayside. 

“At first my family were not very supportive because they thought this was just another club for me to waste money but when my husband and children noticed I had permanently switched the wine for water and my all-round great new attitude, they showed me a world of support” she said. 

“I look and feel like a new woman, I have more energy, I feel my health has improved one million percent and there is more to life than a bottle of wine”. 

Rosemarie is now a svelte 10 stone 7lbs and a size 12 and no longer needs inhalers, her blood pressure has returned to normal and migraines have also disappeared.  She has a whole new outlook on life, a new wardrobe and no more sorrows to drown.

Motivation has clinics nationwide and this Irish company is now almost 20 years at the forefront of weight management in Ireland. 

Clinical studies show that the Motivation programme has an 86pc success rate and the company prides itself in having over 100,000 success stories. 

Programmes are specially designed for men, women and adolescents with any amount of weight to lose and take place through private, one-to-one consultations with experienced advisers and doctors. 

See for more information or to arrange a no obligation assessment consultation.

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