Monday 19 February 2018

'I'm less stiff, less sore – this treatment does help'


Brid Ui Mhaoluala
Brid Ui Mhaoluala

Brid Ui Mhaoluala

WHEN I started school at three-and-a-half, I'm told I walked through the classroom door without a backward glance. I always had a strong sense of independence.

But in spring 2001, my left leg developed a mind of its own. It would drag behind me or it would swing in wide arcs to the side. Soon I received the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

I couldn't do many things that previously I had taken for granted and, for a while, I was too proud to ask for help.

I knew there were walking issues with MS but I never realised there could be pain, head to toe, literally. Every bit of my body was sore to the touch.

Then, a minor miracle happened – my neurologist, Dr Helena Moore, arranged for some of her patients to try Fampyra. Within days, I knew it was helping me. I am less stiff, less sore and can stand for longer – and, hence, can keep working as a primary school teacher. Please, HSE, make Fampyra available to people like me.

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