Saturday 19 October 2019

Half of health workers hit by mental illness

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Anne-Marie Walsh

Almost half of health workers, including physiotherapists and social workers, have suffered from mental health problems, and more than a quarter currently do.

A new survey by the largest trade union, Fórsa, reveals that 49pc experienced a mental health issue in the past.

And 26pc said they are going through mental illness at the moment, according to the survey published ahead of a Health and Welfare Division conference in Sligo today.

The situation is even worse among the under-35s. Some 55pc of them said they experienced a mental health issue in the past, while 30pc in this age group said they currently suffer due to mental issues.

More than 60pc of the 1,600-plus health workers who responded to the survey said they would be uncomfortable discussing their problems with their manager. Some 37pc said they would be very uncomfortable doing so.

Just 7pc said they were very well supported at work when going through mental illness. And more than three-quarters believe their employer is not doing enough to promote mental health awareness.

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