Friday 23 March 2018

Gavin Glynn (4) 'doing great' after miracle 11-hour surgery

Gavin Glynn with his dad John in hospital in Houston, Texas
Gavin Glynn with his dad John in hospital in Houston, Texas
Super Hero Gavin Glynn. Picture: Paul Dillon
Gavin Glynn with dad John.

Nick Bramhill and Caitlin McBride

Little Gavin Glynn (four) is 'doing great' after a successful 11-hour surgery in Texas saved his life.

The brave youngster, from Greystones, Co Wicklow, is recovering in hospital in Houston, Texas, after surgeons successfully removed two tumours from the youngster's pelvis without removing his bladder and colon as had been feared.

Yesterday, parents Jayne and John Glynn – who last month raised their €350,000 target in just one week for his specialist treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center – said they felt the power of prayer had helped save their son.

Little Gavin underwent an 11-hour surgery yesterday in Texas - the first of his eight week treatment plan in the US.

And his father said his son's two tumours had grown drastically in the last month.

"We had an MRI scan a month ago in Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin before we left," his father John told RTE Radio One's Morning Ireland.

"A couple of days later, they informed us that the tumours had dramatically grown. We knew it ourselves because Gavin had been in a lot of pain over here. His stomach became enlarged and he had strong pain down his leg with his sciatic nerve.

"When the surgeon told us the tumours had got an awful lot bigger - one was at his bladder and one was at his colon - we didn't know what to expect. We fully prepared ourselves for Gavin to come out with two bags and have his colon and bladder removed."

However, the four-year-old took well to the surgery and rather than undergoing organ removal, he instead experienced his first bout of chemotherapy in the States (he already underwent several rounds of chemotherapy in Ireland).

"Once they had the two tumours removed fully, they began heated chemotherapy and began to sew up his stomach. They left it for 90 minutes to tackle any microscopic cells that they can't see," his father added.

While the family are grateful for his miracle operation, it is just the beginning for Gavin's treatment plan.

"He's doing great, he's here beside me," his father told the show. "He's fast asleep beside me. He still has a bit of pain on his leg with his sciatic nerve. He has two pins into his stomach as he's not allowed to eat or drink for a week and a half with all the trauma his stomach is going through.

"He's being fed through tubes for the next week and a half. He's in a little bit of pain, but they're managing the pain well."

The family, who were originally hoping for a two month treatment plan in Texas are now expecting this course to run longer.

"We originally were told about six to eight weeks, but we think we may be here a bit longer now," John said.

"Obviously, they know their whole plan is to ensure Gavin's cancer is gone completely. He'll be having some types of chemotherapy that Gavin has never even seen before, new types of regimes, because he's already experienced every type of chemotherapy in Ireland."

Mr Glynn thanked the Irish community throughout the world for their spiritual and financial support in the wake of Gavin's treatment.

"We wouldn't be here without the support of the Irish people - all over the world, especially here in Texas. It really makes you proud to be Irish."

To donate to Gavin's treatment fund and join the #MyBoy campaign, text 'Gavin' for 50300 or click here.




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