Friday 15 December 2017

'Europe's biggest carnivores' - Irish people consume equivalent of 70 steaks per year

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Daire Courtney

Daire Courtney

Irish people are among the biggest consumers of calories in the world, a study has found.

With an average daily calorie consumption of 2,307, Ireland ranks 12th on a list of 54 countries surveyed. The world average is 1,398.

Indian people consume just one-third of what Irish people do at 761 calories a day, while Belgium was highest at 2,580, according to the survey by Euromonitor International.

Irish people’s love of meat and baked goods has pushed us up the list. We are Europe’s biggest carnivores, consuming the equivalent of more than 70 steaks per head last year.

Nutrition analyst at Euromonitor International, Sara Petersson, said: “Most of Ireland’s calories derive from meat, followed by baked goods, with bread being the primary source within that category.

“In third place is dairy and confectionery in fourth. This pattern is similar to what we see in other Western Countries such as the UK, the US or Canada. It differs from Asian Pacific Countries, where rice, noodles or nuts, play a more significant role in the diet.

“Soft drinks are the 7th highest source of calories in Ireland, providing over 100 calories per capita per day, followed by alcoholic drinks in 8th place, delivering a very similar number, also over 100 calories a day.”

More than half of the Irish population are now overweight or obese compared to 43pc in 1996.

43pc of the US population are classed as obese compared to 14.5pc in Ireland, despite the fact that the US is lower on the calorie consumption survey. But the survey only accounts for sales of food and not food waste, so this helps account for the difference.

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