Sunday 15 December 2019

Education can help avoid a burnout - Philly McMahon

Philly McMahon in action for Dublin. Photo: David Maher
Philly McMahon in action for Dublin. Photo: David Maher

Emma Jane Hade

All-Ireland winning footballer Philly McMahon knows only too well the perils of pushing your body too hard.

The Dublin footballer has appeared on the field for his county, Ballymun Kickhams and DCU.

And, he revealed that he has seen plenty of sports stars push themselves over the threshold and burn out.

At one stage, the young man found himself on three massively successful football teams, but managed to avoid a physical breakdown himself.

He believes that education is the key tool in achieving this.

"When you get to the age of 15 or 16, you are in a rush to become a bigger player, to become a stronger player so you start doing more training," the 27-year-old explained.

"The worry is that the young lads are doing the wrong thing to get bigger and doing it the wrong way.

"At a young age, you think you can run all day, and you probably can, to be honest. When you become an adult, you start to remember your body a little bit better and you know what works for your body and you know what doesn't."

McMahon is a qualified strength and conditioning coach, and he also runs 'BK Strength and Conditioning' and 'Fit Food Ireland'.

"When you are young, you just want to go out and play football, you could play it seven days of the week and you think you are super human. But, eventually it could have a toll on you," he added.

"A burnout is a breakdown of the body so people start picking up injuries or they pick up illnesses and that happens all the time. That is something that gives you the wake-up call.

"People don't understand why they are getting flus or colds. Education is a massive thing in that."

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