Monday 20 November 2017

Defective embryos 'self-correct'

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IVF embryos with defective chromosomes stand a reasonable chance of "self-correcting" and delivering healthy babies, research has shown.

An Italian study found that even when more than half the cells were abnormal, they produced a live birth rate of 16.7pc.

But the research also showed that embryos with a lower level of abnormality resulted in a much higher birth rate of 39.5pc.

The study of 73 women helps resolve the controversial issue of when to transfer embryos created by In-Vitro Fertilisation to the womb and when to discard them. Until recently, almost all "mosaic" embryos containing a mixture of chromosomally normal and abnormal cells were discarded.

The new research shows that mosaic embryos fall between two stools in terms of their ability to implant and develop.

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