Thursday 22 February 2018

Broken bones, mysterious injuries, cigarette butts as food: just some of allegations

The complaint was
The complaint was "closed and retained for information" by Hiqa
Shane Phelan

Shane Phelan

A person working in a care home said they witnessed a colleague giving a resident cigarette butts to chew on and was told "it is the only thing that keeps him quiet".

They also said they saw aggressive behaviour by residents, but there was no safe, effective management of such challenging behaviour.

The complaint was "closed and retained for information" by Hiqa.

A relative of a care home resident who died unexpectedly expressed concerns about their care. She alleged the resident was "tormented and provoked" by a small group of staff who made life miserable for the resident. Physical and mental abuse was alleged.

She said the family had not spoken up as they feared doing so would make things worse.

The complaint triggered a Hiqa inspection.

A relative of a care centre resident claimed to have witnessed staff shouting at residents when one of them banged their head against a bus.

Staff were alleged to have laughed about the incident and to have shown no concern for the resident.

Hiqa conducted a follow-up inspection.

A staff member alleged they were intimidated for speaking out after residents suffered injuries, such as bruises to the head.

It was claimed staff were not using hoists correctly and causing injuries to residents. She also alleged residents were suffering falls as colleagues would leave them unsupervised.

Since reporting the concerns her hours were greatly reduced.

Hiqa said it reviewed the care home's risk rating.

A resident broke a bone in two places, but this was not spotted until four days later when a relative brought them home for Christmas.

The person in charge of the care centre then refused to take the resident back when they were in a cast, but backed down after "huge protest".

The complaint triggered an inspection by Hiqa.

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