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Average wage to rise €2,000 by next year


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Nurses' pay will increase by 2020 under the current public sector pay deal. This rise will vary depending on which pay scale a nurse is currently at.

Basic pay for a staff nurse at the top of the pay scale after 14 years will increase from €45,701 to €47,431.

At the lower end of the scale, a graduate's starting pay will rise from €29,346 to €30,609 a year by October 2020.

The highest grade of clinical nurse manager's basic pay will rise from €63,747 to €66,160 under the pay deal.

These figures do not include allowances or other payments.

The HSE said the average staff nurse's earnings are now around €53,000 including overtime and allowances. This will rise by around €2,000 to €55,000 by 2020 following wage hikes due under the public sector pay deal.

However, other professionals with degrees earn around €7,000 more as basic pay, although some may not receive the same level of allowances or overtime.

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