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Asthma and hay fever worse during exam times


Students are warned to be extra diligent of there asthma and hay fever symptoms during the exam periods.

According to Anne Kearney of Asthma association Ireland exam time in Ireland  “is usually peak pollen times” which isn’t good for asthma sufferers.

Pollen is one of the main triggers for asthma and hayfever which is quite detrimental if you are living in Ireland and the Asthma association are encouraging parents and children to take care.

“The Asthma Society of Ireland is urging parents and students to be prepared and to take steps to ensure their asthma or allergies don’t hinder their exam success”.

In Ireland up to ninety-four percent of hayfever patients report that their hayfever symptoms have an effect on their work and school performance.

However having asthma could be even more frightening for students as a survey conducted in the UK by Asthma UK shows that asthma sufferers are 30pc more likely to drop a grade during exam time.

The same risk is prevalent in Ireland if not worse, 470 000 people suffer from Asthma with sixty to eighty percent of suffering from hayfever which is most common this time of year.

This is bad news for the large percentage of these sufferers sitting junior or leaving Cert state Exams over the next few weeks.

The Asthma association has released a couple of tips to try helping students through exams such as taking nasal steroid sprays and non-drowsy antihistamines and taking your prescribed preventer medication daily.

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