Monday 18 December 2017

A&E quarantined after mystery hallucinations

The cause of the hallucinations has yet to be determined (stock photo)
The cause of the hallucinations has yet to be determined (stock photo)

Adam Boult

The emergency department of a hospital in Oregon was quarantined this week after five people experienced unexplained hallucinations.

The first person to have been affected was a 52-year-old woman, who was hospitalised after calling the police in the early hours of Wednesday morning complaining that her car was being vandalised.

Officers took her to Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay, believing she was experiencing hallucinations as a result of medical issues.

The woman was subsequently discharged – but later that morning the two police officers who escorted her to hospital, a member of hospital staff and the 78-year-old woman who the first woman lives with, were all hospitalised when they began to show similar symptoms.

Coos County Sherriff’s Office released a statement announcing that a Hazmat Team had completed a check of the homes of those involved and that no cause had been found so far.

“Initial investigations believed that a medication used in patch form may have been the source. Investigation has found that all those patches and potential medications that may have caused the symptoms have been accounted for.

“No source of the contamination has been found. The vehicles, equipment and uniforms have been checked with no contaminates identified or located on or about them.”

The investigation is continuing.

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