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€1.2m award to probe loss of memory


Professor Shane O Mara

Professor Shane O Mara

Professor Shane O Mara

A DUBLIN professor has been awarded €1.2m to research the effects of brain damage on memory loss.

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) professor Shane O'Mara is the first Irish-based scientist to win the Senior Investigator Award and will receive the funding over a six-year period.

The professor of experimental brain research received the award jointly with Professor John Aggleton of Cardiff University.

The pair will focus their research on understanding the brain systems and their interactions which support memory in the organ.

Mr O'Mara said: "Our ultimate aim is to understand these processes in order to help explain individual differences in healthy memory, and reveal potential new sites of study and intervention for neurological problems affecting memory."

Speaking about the award, director general of Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Mark Ferguson added: "His research will lead to advances in our understanding of memory and perhaps ultimately to develop new drug therapies to improve brain aging and tackle depression."

Senior Investigator Awards support exceptional, world-class researchers who already hold a recognised academic position and whose research will address the most important questions about health and disease.

The award is funded under the SFI, Health Research Board (HRB) and Wellcome Trust Biomedical Partnership.

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