Sunday 15 December 2019

100 good and bad calories

A banana is one option for 100 calories
A banana is one option for 100 calories

"IT'S just 100 calories," say dieters as they tuck in. Here are the good and bad options you can choose for those calories.

• A large apple; a banana; up to a punnet of strawberries; one-and-a-half grapefruit

• A 30g portion of raisins. You could have two larger portions of different fruits instead, such as 80g of grapes and 80g of cherries

• Crisps, which are often high in fat and salt, can quickly add up to 420kJ/100kcal. For example, just 10pc of a 190g tube of crisps (nine crisps) equals 420kJ/100kcal

• Two ginger nut biscuits contain 100 calories. Other biscuits may be higher in energy

• Four heaped teaspoons of sugar

• A tablespoon of mayonnaise.

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