Sunday 18 August 2019

'He was left for dead in an isolated field with extensive wounds' - DSPCA rescue young pup as they launch Christmas appeal

Pip was rescued by the DSPCA and placed in foster care
Pip was rescued by the DSPCA and placed in foster care
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

The DSPCA rescued a young pup that was "left for dead" in an isolated field, with extensive wounds.

Seventh-month-old Pip was rescued by the DSPCA last week after being alerted by a local pound.

“We got a call from the pound saying they found a dog in an isolated field and they though it was dead.

“The video shows Pip during the first hour he was brought into the DSPCA. Our team initially thought he was a senior dog who was on his way out but after surgery they realised he was just a pup," Suzanne McGovern from the DSPCA told

Suzanne said that Pip is recovering well, but initially took hours to respond.

“He wasn’t responding initially but after some food and medication he began to come around.”

After recovering in the isolation unit, Pip was fostered by the receptionist at the DSPCA.

“Pip broke all of our hearts when he came in. When he was discovered he was in a very bad shape. He had really extensive open wounds. We think he was used as a bait dog or a fighter dog because he was in a really bad way. He was left for dead in an isolated field with no CCTV or anything.”

The DSCPA have launched a new Christmas appeal as they said they experience a huge increase in animals at the shelter at this time of the year.

“At Christmas time, some people abandon their pets because they want a new puppy or because they’re at home more and don’t want their animals around. Our intake goes up tremendously at this time every year.”

This year the DSPCA Christmas appeal is going towards upgrading the charity’s isolation unit.

“It badly needs an upgrade. We’re hoping to raise €20,000 to install new heating and plumbing. It’s desperately needed.”

You can donate to the DSPCA at

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