Monday 20 January 2020

'He was going nowhere fast and couldn't crack the system'

We take a look at how locals have reacted to George Lee's sudden resignation.

Sarah Bolger

I wasn't old enough to vote for George, but I would have voted for him. I thought it was a good idea for him to run. Politics needs people with different opinions and an independent view of things. We are in desperate times and need some fresh thinking.

Alan Leavy

He wasn't happy that he couldn't get anything done, so if that's the way he feels, he was right to step down.

At least he was a bit different from a lot of the other politicians who seem to stay in the job for a pay packet rather than the love of what they do. It seems European politicians are better than the Irish ones.

Mark Forde

I think he was crazy to give up his job in RTE in the first place. And the trouble is that he's now seen as a political figure, so he can never go back to what he was doing. George thought he was Superman and all he had to do was go into the kiosk, then come out and fix the economy. He's a mixture of honest and naive. But he's one crazy dude.

Reece Stone

I'm terribly disillusioned. But if he's as disillusioned as I am, I can understand why he backed out of the system.

I don't think he should have left RTE in the first place, because there I thought he was above politics. But it's been proven over and over that you can't change politics from within.

But I think the country's a mess -- if someone gave me a one-way ticket to New Zealand, I'd be off tomorrow.

But we do need more George Lees, given that the opposition spends their time arguing against everything and the Government spends their time trying to hold on to their seats.

David Houlihan

I was absolutely shocked to hear the news, though when I heard his explanation I totally agreed with him. He was going nowhere fast and he just couldn't crack the system.

I don't feel like Fine Gael are to blame for his departure, but it's certain that Fianna Fail will make a meal out of it.

George had very set ideas about the economy, and it doesn't appear that anyone was prepared to take them on board in the party.

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