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Wednesday 22 November 2017

'He texted me to say goodnight just like he always did'

Edel Kennedy

'GOODNIGHT" -- That's what Glen Murphy texted to his mother just minutes before his death. The 19-year-old, who is the eldest of four children, always texted his mother to say where he was and to tell her goodnight.

"He texted me at about 11.30pm, just like he always did," his distraught mother Michelle Murphy told the Irish Independent last night.

"He was a great lad, a great son. I just can't believe this is happening.

"They were at Mark's girlfriend's house watching a DVD and they just went to get some snacks. They didn't do anything to deserve this."

Mark Noonan -- also known as Mark Murphy -- had moved into an apartment in Rathbourne Drive with his girlfriend and 10-month-old daughter just three months previously.

The two young men were first cousins and had grown up together.

Tragedy had also visited the area earlier this year when Aidan Byrne (31), a father of one from Dublin's north inner city, was shot as he sat in the passenger seat of a car on Drumalee Avenue. He was shot up to 10 times just yards from where Glen had lived.

Michelle said the first she heard of the shooting was when a neighbour came to her door in the early hours of yesterday morning with a mobile phone in his hand.

"I'd plugged out the house phone and my daughter was trying to get through. She rang our neighbour and he came to me. She was ringing to say Glen and Mark had been shot.

"I started ringing his (Glen's) phone. I kept ringing and ringing and hoping he would pick up."

Mark had been driving the car and had gotten out to make a purchase at the Tesco garage at Clearwater when he was shot a number of times in the back. Glen was also shot a number of times.

Last night, Michelle hit out at reports that her son had been involved in drugs.

"He wasn't involved in drugs in any way," she said from her home in Drumalee Drive, off the North Circular Road.

"He didn't take them and he didn't sell them."

Geraldine Murphy -- Mark's mother -- also hit out at reports of drug use.

Mark (23) had no criminal record, while Glen had a number of minor convictions for criminal damage and public order offences. Earlier this year, Glen was jailed for three months for criminal damage caused in February. He had previously been signed up to a FAS course so he could complete his Leaving Cert.

Last night, friends paid tribute to the two young men.

"Who am I going to play poker with or whip at FIFA?" said one friend, Garret Higgins.

"You were like a brother to me. I'm devastated."

Locals in Finglas also spoke of their shock at the brutal murders. "People come here to Tesco at all hours of the day and night because it's open 24 hours," said Bernie Anderson. "It's hard to believe something like this would happen in such a public area. They don't seem to care if anyone sees them."

The scene remained sealed off for much of yesterday, with scores of locals huddling around in shock.

Last night, gardai said they were working to establish a motive for the double murder.

"The victims are very young and as far as we can tell, they were just there to make a simple purchase," said Superintendent John Gilligan.

"We are emphasising what appears to be a well-organised shooting. . . we cannot establish a motive why they would be the victims in this case.

"I don't know how to define an ambush fully, but what we can see is that the BMW had been in the garage in advance; and these people, the way they approached the victim's vehicle and the victims, the fact that we can see there were two guns involved, and that they left the scene very quickly and didn't even take the time to stop, it was what we would call well organised."

Last night, Glen's mother was preparing to go to the morgue to formally identify her son.

"We're going to be burying two of our family," she said.

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