Saturday 20 July 2019

'He could be a grump and that's why I loved him' - Sean Moncrieff pays tribute to Newstalk panelist David Carey

David Carey
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Warm tributes have been paid to child psychologist David Carey who passed away after a battle with cancer.

Dr Carey had been a panelist of the Sean Moncrieff show for the past decade, contributing to the weekly parenting slot. He was also a contributor to the Irish Independent.

Moncrieff broke the news of Dr Carey's passing on his show today.

“I do have a bit of bad news to share with you… for the last four or five months we’ve had various people filling in for David, very well it should be said, but we’ve had a lot of people texting in wondering where David was," he said.

"David had been struggling with ill health. He was given a diagnosis of cancer some months back."

Moncrieff's voice cracked with emotion as announced that he learned yesterday that Dr Carey had passed away.

"We are really, really devastated," he said. For me anyway, he's somebody I've known for 10 years and we've had a conversation for 10 years.

"He could be a bit of a grump and that's why I loved him."

He added:  “Next Wednesday we’re not going to do parenting we’ll play an extended interview that we did with David some years back.”

Fans of Dr Carey's flooded Twitter with tributes to the much-loved child psychologist following the news.

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