Monday 19 March 2018

#HaveYourSay: 'I guess I’ll be walking or cycling... we'll see how cold it gets' - How will the Luas strike impact you?

David Kearns

As upwards of 90,000 face disruptions tomorrow and Friday due to a two day Luas stoppage, met commuters this morning to find out how the upcoming strikes will impact them.

While some supported the strike action, saying that no one was in a position to judge those taking part unless they were involved themselves, many others where not so understanding.

“It’s very inconvenient. The wrong people are getting punished,” said one commuter.

“There has to be another way to deal with disrupts.”

Another said: “There are so many strikes going on at the moment it is getting difficult to get public transport. I’m not sure they should be allowed to do it. People rely on the Luas to get into the city.”

Others said they were worried about how much more time would be added to their journey to and from work.

#HaveYourSay: How will you travel during the proposed Luas strike?

A cyclist braves the rain in Dublin city centre

“It will have a significant impact for me in getting to work on time,” said one woman heading to work.

“I’ll be looking at least 25 minutes added to my daily commute.”

One man joked that: “I guess I’ll be walking or cycling [over the next two days]. Haven’t decided yet. We’ll see how cold it gets.”

“I only get the Luas cause I’m lazy so it’s all good,” quipped another woman.

Speaking on behalf of those striking, one man said “if they’re doing it for their pay” then they had the right to do so.

“It’s worst anyway when it’s the trains,” he added.

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